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 HGQ fixed full amplitude with load shedding crane
 FQ1025 floating crane
 FQ1630 floating crane
 FQ5-25 crane
 40T tape mounted cranes
 HGQ series of fixed rotary cranes
 DLQ series electric tire crane
 JGQ series of fixed cranes
 FQ3-18 Dredging Crane
 FQ5-18 Dredging Floating Crane
 SZD series marine cranes
 Belt conveyors
 Grapple series
 JZC series of tapered reversing discharge concrete mixer
 NYJ2200 double-sided hot pressing machine
 Solid wood veneer surface overlay machine
 NYJ multi - layer hot press
 NYJ200 multi - layer special hot press
 A pressure V-groove floor press
 NYJ700 single-sided hot press
 NYJ900 single-sided hot pressing machine
 NYJ1200 single-sided paste widening hot press
 NYJ900 double-sided hot pressing machine
 NYJ1200 double-sided hot pressing machine
 NYJ1400 double-sided hot pressing plate
 NYJ1700 double-sided hot pressing machine
 NYJ2000 double-sided hot press

  Wuxi Birming Loading And Unloading Machinery Plant is located in Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City, south of tin to high-speed, the new long railway, 312 State Road north, Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed, beautiful scenery, convenient transportation and industrial development.

  I plant mainly produces all kindsFloating crane、Dock hanging、Dock hanging, Crane series, unloading machine, screw unloader, all kinds of belt conveyor, loading and unloading machinery series, water machinery, Grapple and so on. I plant products are solid structure, variety, excellent performance, reliable operation, safety devices complete, and according to user needs on behalf of the design, manufacture special specifications of the products, I plant products are widely used in industrial, chemical, building materials, metallurgical steel, Terminals, shipping, unloading, coking plants and other modern mechanized enterprises.

Excellence in product quality, integrity and pragmatic business ethics and dedication to the purpose of customer service is our factory has always been the principle of our enthusiasm and hope that all the friends can be successful cooperation.

HGQ series fixed back to the R-Dock hang machine FQ1025Floating crane GQ3-10 fixed Dock hang machine GQ16-40 fixed Dock hangers
固定回R式Dock hanging机
FQ1025Floating crane
固定式Dock hanging机
Dock hanging机
 This model is used for small and medium-sized berths in inland ports and can also be used for grocery loading, warehouses or barges for grocery loading and unloading operations. The model for the single-arm type, wire rope amplitude, the use of complex pulley compensation, the goods can be used for horizontal displacement, therefore, but also full amplitude with amplitude, high operating efficiency. The machine can be used for 360 degrees full rotation R, rotary R support with four single contact ball bearings, smooth operation, the use of reliable. According to the factory enterprise standard (HGQ back to R support fixed crane) combined (GB3811-83 crane design specifications) manufacturing.
Floating craneIs my factory production of a high-performance cranes, suitable for bulk cargo handling. With a reasonable structure, compact layout, high production efficiency, safe and reliable and so on. Is the Yangtze River and a small port and all kinds of cargo yard loading and unloading operation of the ideal model. In addition, Floating crane has a floating platform with a crane that can be moved to any desired place in the harbor, or berth, or moved to an anchor to make the goods R boat. Dock hangers for the single-arm type, wire rope amplitude, the use of complex pulley compensation, the goods can be horizontal displacement, it can be full amplitude with variable amplitude, high operating efficiency. Rotary R support with a single row of ball seat, can be used for 360 ° full rotation R, transport R smooth, reliable use. For the port, small and medium-sized wharf, can also be used for storage, stack or factory area, for groceries or bulk cargo handling operations.
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